Street Kingz MC - Kingz Deal Wit Kingz
About Us  

 Street Kingz is a motorcycle club that was founded in 2003 but came to life in 2006, which is the year we celebrate as our Established year. The 1st 2 chapters which started at the same time were out of New Jersey and Florida. Street Kingz is an MC that's built on brotherhood and forged through similar bonds. The foundation of Street Kingz derived from 2 brothers who wanted to share their love and passion for motorcycles, family and giving back to the community. Having knowledge of the motorcycle community, they felt there was an aspect missing and decided to not only to become, but to create a motorcycle club that would be MC and be elite throughout the nation. With that mentality and those morals, they decided a King best represents what they represent and are looking to do. A king rules his empire with a strong hand and a loving heart, he is only as strong as the army that stands with him. Being a Street king means you have the mentality of a King, you ride like a King, act like a King, get treated like a King and most of all you live  like a King. We are above all because Royalty never Bleeds! 

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